Hotel Castle Bežanec
in the harmony of experiences and positive energies

Isn't the influence of your curiosity enough to invite you and ours to Hotel Dvorac, where time stands still, where no one grows old. The ecologically unique Hrvatsko Zagorje, a selected rural part of Croatia, recognized long ago by the most eminent nobility, is happy to welcome you. Whether it's more beautiful in the spring, more fun in the summer, passionate in the fall, or whether winter has special attractions, check for yourself!

We welcome you only with previous announcement and reservation

Your visit to us is the greatest reward for the effort invested in the revitalization of world heritage, and with your visit you are directly involved and supporting the process of restoration and maintenance. Your Bežanec Castle Hotel, in harmony with experiences and positive energies, will charm you with its ecological attributes, romantic atmosphere, pleasant ambience. The organization of congresses, seminars, promotions, team building & work-shop programs, meaningful celebrations, leaves a lasting positive memory. Banquets, and especially the wedding dinner and wedding organization on Valentine's Day, are a unique offer! Experience the delicacies of the restaurant in a palace setting: lounge, concert atrium, exterior in the shade of a five-hundred-year-old linden tree!

About Castle Bežanec and news

The history of the castle, its revitalization and current topics about the castle and the hotel today

Jul 28, 2023

Castle history

Povijest dvorca Dvorac i perivoj Bežanec nalaze se u Valentinovu nedaleko Pregrade na malom brežuljku …

Jul 28, 2023

Siniša Križanec – revitalization

Siniša Križanec – revitalizacija Iskustvom i stečenim znanjem u samostalnom projektiranju, osmišljavanju sadržaja, graditeljskoj obnovi, …

Jul 28, 2023

Castle for sale or lease

Castle for sale or lease Hrvatsko Zagorje is becoming a very sought-after real estate worldwide, Stotinjak castle is ...

Jul 28, 2023


Galerija dvorca Bežanec u svojoj prebogatoj galerijskoj ponudi sadrži umjetnička djela najeminentnijih hrvatski slikara i …